Explosion Proof

 The Bc9700 high power explosion proof LED lamp provides operator with a powerful power and energy efficient alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaires.it is ideal to be used as floodlight or spotlight at oilfield,metallurgy,refinery,gas station,oil rig petroleum,petrochemistry and anywhere with a highly durable and efficient light source in needed that can withstand exposure to high stress environment.


Rp. 3.472.000


Rp. 4.465.000


Rp. 4.561.000


Rp. 4.798.500


Rp. 5.934.500


Rp. 6.450.500


Rp. 7.108.500


Rp. 3.845.000


Rp. 4.760.000


Rp. 5.080.000